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Garnets come in lustrous reds, rich oranges, and striking greens. Red Garnets, also known as Almandite Garnets, are the most widely available, and range from purplish to orangey reds. As early as 3100 BC, Egyptians along the Nile worked Red Garnet into beads and inlays. Noah is said to have recognized Garnet’s inner fire and used it as a lamp. Spessartite Garnets are the orange members of the Garnet family. They are more rare than red, and come in delightful varieties of reddish orange to citrus colored orange. Lastly, are the green Garnets. Tsavorite Garnet is a sparkly deep green, an excellent substitute for Emerald. Demantoid Garnet is the most rare. It ranges from yellowish green to green, and has the brilliance of a diamond. Garnets are a fascinating species of gemstone, relatively durable, plentiful, and provide a wealth of sparkle and color.

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