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Opal is a fascinating stone because of the unique “play of color” that each stone reveals. Each Opal gemstone has a life of its own, showcasing a myriad of colors as you rock it in different directions. These colors can be greens, blues, pinks, oranges, and reds in infinitesimal variations. Most Opal is mined in Australia. Of the many types of opal, three are best known. White opal is most prevalent; the play of color is against a light or white background. Black Opal, found only in Australia, parades its play of color against a dark or black background. This type of Opal is considered the most valuable. Lastly is Fire Opal, which tends to be a reddish stone, not always displaying a play of color, most often mined in Mexico, and often faceted. It is quite beautiful. Opals are most often cut as cabochons. Each gemstone, with its unique personality, will delight its owner.

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