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Wholesale Gemstones -- Topaz

Topaz is a versatile stone that comes in an array of colors, including colorless. The color of the Topaz influences its value. Red and pink Topaz varieties are the most rare, and are highly cherished. Best known of the reds is Imperial Topaz, which is a reddish orange color. Topaz is probably best known for its yellowish and brownish shades, sometimes called Sherry Topaz, like the color of sherry wine. Highly popular is Blue Topaz. Topaz rarely appears in nature in the gorgeous shades of blue of this popular stone. To achieve this color, colorless topaz is treated with a combination of radiation and heat, transforming the rough stone into a beautiful and affordable blue gemstone. The finest Imperial Topaz is mined in Brazil. The full range of Topaz colors are mined in many locations world wide. The versatility of Topaz lends itself to a wide range of customers. The rarity and beauty of Imperial Topaz enables the jeweler to create a unique and stunning piece of jewelry. The abundance and richness of the color of Blue Topaz, puts beautiful jewelry within the reach of a wider audience.


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